In Search of the Inaccessible
HD video trailer 3' 10s
Courtesy of the Artist and Kaleido Travel

On 19 April 2015, I went into the Gurbantünggüt Desert in the northwest of China. I traveled from Urümqi, accompanied by a guide and following an itinerary of 600 km in order to arrive to the coordinates 46°16'58,8 N.A 88° 7' 58.8". I achieved the end of the path by foot since the road did not allow us to keep going in another way. We walked 50 km until arriving to the area which shall correspond to the physical retranscription of those coordinates. This position coincides with the most remote point of the oceans on Earth, called the terrestrial pole of inaccessibility. The video trailer recorded for Kaleido Travel, the travel agency that funded my trip constitute the documentation form of this experience.

46°16'58,8 N.A 88° 7' 58.8" E